Sunday, February 03, 2008

Non-Knitting Weekend Endeavors

I did a bit of sewing this weekend. I made a reversible headband using the best band ever pattern, and an iphone cozy for Josh, using this pattern.

The best band ever, really is! I have a hard time finding headbands that both look good and fit my enormous skull. Usually even elastic ones don't work right, and I can't tie a scarf on worth a damn. I end up with hair in the knot and curses under my breath. But this one is awesome. It was a pain the the butt to reverse it and to sew in the elastic, but I'll definitely be doing it again.

Next up is a Mei Tai for me & Eli. I've gotta wait till I get a rotary cutter and matt though, because there's NO way I can cut a straight line for 90 inches, much less do it 3 times.

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