Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yes, it's Another Post Today...

But I HAVE to! I'm entering a blog contest to win the coolest baby wrap ever.

This would be great for little man. I heart me some baby-wearin'.

Shameless Non-Self Promotion

Josh started a blog a while ago. Go read it. It's funny.

Sewing Fool

I got a sewing machine! I sold a bunch of books on Amazon to help finance this purchase. Here she is:

And here's what I've been making:


Both of these are made from felted sweater arms. I found a tutorial online and tried it out on some already too small sweaters. So cute!

I also made a few pairs of babylegs. The first pair is kinda embarassing, the the other pairs look pretty good, I think.

Yes, yes, they're all for my little man. He is spoiled. But how could he not be? Just look at him!

Too bad his mommy dresses him so funny, huh? Rainbow babylegs with a green and brown giraffe shirt. What was she thinking?!? I'll tell you what she was thinking. She was thinking, Oh Crap! His diaper leaked onto his brown pants, he needs leggings!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Longies and Shorties!

Longies for Eli, knit up in Malabrigo in the Charrua colorway. I think they turned out very nice.

I also knit up a pair of shorties for little man using some BFL. They are SO soft!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Best and Worst FOs of 2007

Okay ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to list my least and most favorite finished objects of 2007. Let's start with the worst.

I call this the three-year shawl. And for good reason. It took three damn YEARS for me to finally summon up the willpower to finish knitting the 6-foot stockinette rectangle that made up the bulk of the shawl. I gave it to my mom almost immediately because it made me sick to look at it. I was supposed to add beadwork to it, but by the time I finally finished knitting it I was ready to burn it, not bead it. It's a shame too because it was made with beautiful teal (with flecks of green) alpaca. SO soft.

And now on to the best.

My favorite knitted finished object has got to be Eli's Coming Home Sweater, aka Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. I knit it up in a rainbow colorway of Koigu.

Which leads me to my all-time favorite finished object of 2007...

(I bet the suspense is killing you...)

Of course, right? How could he NOT be the best thing I made in 2007?!?

New Obsession...

Okay, I promise I will NOT start a blog about my new obsession, but I can't promise I won't occasionally mention it here either. It's diapers. Yep, that's right, diapers. Cloth diapers to be exact. But you know what you can put over cloth diapers to keep your little one from getting pee on your furniture? WOOL!!!

So I've been making longies again. Here's the latest pair.

And here's some yarn I bought recently to make some more:

And the piece de resistance, handspun corriedale!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Best Christmas Gift EVER.

My husband rules. Seriously. This is what I got for Christmas this year (we decided not to get each other anything pricy).

For scale, I placed them next to a carton of milk.

Over 4 POUNDS of cherries! I have always wanted this. NO JOKE. But who buys that many cherries at once? Apparently my super duper awesome husband does. Yay!