Sunday, September 30, 2007

Too Cool for School

So here it is. I made it to week 40 with Eli. I'll be pissed if I've got a 42 week photo to post. Today's his official due date and the midwives told me they wouldn't induce until 2 weeks from now. I hope I have him this week!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Isabella & Marley

I've made some pretty good progress on Isabella. Here she is as of this morning.

And of course, Marley.

Still no baby. Dammit.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


We've finally finished the nursury. Here are the pics. They're kind of fuzzy because I was using my mom's camera, which doesn't have as good of resolution as our camera. I was testing it out so she can use it to take pictures of Eli when he gets here.

Also, this weekend I picked up my gift from the ladies at the Yarnery. Oh. My. God. Check it out:

Thank you so much everyone, I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Again, the photo is a bit fuzzy and doesn't really do it justice. I'll take more and better photos later but the camera is packed in the car for the hospital, so this will have to do for now...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

38 Weeks = 14 days until Due Date. Holy Crap.

Any day now. Seriously.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I always love it when there's a brand new Knitty!

Some of my faves from this issue:

Muir--Hol[e]y beautifulness. Literally.

Neiman--Lovely. Plus the colors used are faves of mine.

Q--Okay, I'm totally never going to make this, but I LOVE Aija's obsession with Atari games.

Woodins--I'm not sure whether I'd make this for Eli or for Marley. They'd both really like it... Marley's already got something very similar...

In the "huh?" file:

Entwined. Meh.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lots of Updates...

So last weekend was very busy. Josh and I went to Madison for our baby showers. The first was at Josh's parents' house, and the second was at my dad and step-mom's house. I'm still waiting for pics from the shower at my dad's, but it's getting late, so I figured I'd better post about the other shower at least.

Here I am before the party:

Barefoot, pregnant, kitchen. Heh.

The theme of the party was sweet peas, since that's what my mom and Josh's mom call Eli.

And here's some random photos from the shower:

Josh also had his own shower. He went to a Brewers' game with his dad, my brothers, and my step-dad. My brothers showed up looking adorable.

And of course, the obligatory pics of Marley looking adorable:

Also looking adorable last weekend was my dad's dog, Lily. She's a funny dog.

Also, this last week was both my birthday week and my 36th week of pregnancy. I turned 30 on the 6th. Josh got me some beautiful diamond earrings. I'm spoiled.

Also, here's the 36 week belly shot. Not too many of these left!