Sunday, September 23, 2007


We've finally finished the nursury. Here are the pics. They're kind of fuzzy because I was using my mom's camera, which doesn't have as good of resolution as our camera. I was testing it out so she can use it to take pictures of Eli when he gets here.

Also, this weekend I picked up my gift from the ladies at the Yarnery. Oh. My. God. Check it out:

Thank you so much everyone, I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Again, the photo is a bit fuzzy and doesn't really do it justice. I'll take more and better photos later but the camera is packed in the car for the hospital, so this will have to do for now...


Michelle said...

I love the bright dots on the walls and the basket by the window. Great job.
: )

Mary Heather said...

The nursery is adorable! I love the dots on the wall too. The cat in the hat picture is cute too, I just hope he doesn't give your baby any ideas about getting into mischief. :)