Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sewing Fool

I got a sewing machine! I sold a bunch of books on Amazon to help finance this purchase. Here she is:

And here's what I've been making:


Both of these are made from felted sweater arms. I found a tutorial online and tried it out on some already too small sweaters. So cute!

I also made a few pairs of babylegs. The first pair is kinda embarassing, the the other pairs look pretty good, I think.

Yes, yes, they're all for my little man. He is spoiled. But how could he not be? Just look at him!

Too bad his mommy dresses him so funny, huh? Rainbow babylegs with a green and brown giraffe shirt. What was she thinking?!? I'll tell you what she was thinking. She was thinking, Oh Crap! His diaper leaked onto his brown pants, he needs leggings!

1 comment:

Alyson said...

Man, look at you go, sewing up a storm!

I love that first picture of him examining that....that....what is that? Toy...thing...?....but anyway, he looks like he's a very bright boy. Besides being cute, he just looks like a smart guy.