Monday, February 05, 2007


So that's the name a co-worker has given to the embryo. Short for Baby Kenny, of course. At first I thought it sounded weird--I kept thinking "BK Broiler" and Josh was reminded of British Knights shoes--but it's kinda sticking now, so that's what the embryo will be called for now.

I had my first appointment today. They basically just made me take a pregnancy test again (still pregnant!), and asked me a couple questions before asking me to make another appoinment to meet the nurse midwives and discuss the pregnancy further, do tests, etc. I'm pretty excited about the hospital. They've had nurse midwives there for over 35 years... Yay! I'll be damned if I'm going to be strapped to a bed when giving birth. That's the worst idea ever, why do people not realize that more often?

I'm having awful nausea and heartburn and cannot wait for it to go away. Sometimes it's so bad I have to just stand because laying down, and especially sitting, make me so crazy sick I almost throw up. Egh. Josh thinks I'm weird because I'm eating way less and very limited foods, but the nurse today said it was totally fine and normal at this point. So, nyah!

On a non-pre-natal note, here's a pic of Marley being adorable. He's reacting to a hand vacuume. Competition? He was barking like crazy, which was hilarious because he usually NEVER barks.


Alyson said...

Yay for you - the standard hospital birth just seems so traumatizing...eek!

A friend of mine was stunned when she completely lost her appetite during her pregnancy...she actually ended up losing weight! She continued to eat well, but she didn't want any of the junky foods she'd normally wanted - just lost all desire. Sounds like a decent deal to me.....but I'm sorry you're getting sick, 'cause that totally sucks. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing.

Guinifer said...

Yea - I ate a lot of crackers to stave off the nausea.

Our dog likes to try to bite the vacuum - it's his mortal enemy.

Anonymous said...

I'm your Favorite Color Swap2 Pal and just wanted to say "Hi" *wave*. Love your blog and can't wait to start shopping for your goodies.

Happy knitting and Gratz on the pregnancy!!
Your FCS2 pal

Knittymama said...

So glad you've got a hospital with decent midwives. It's so important to be at a place where they realize giving birth is normal, not an illness. Sounds like you found the place!

I had my GP with a doula and they rocked. Totally let me do my own thing; it was amazing. Hope your experience is just as great!