Friday, September 22, 2006

Ick... Continued.

Well, we set traps last night for the mice. We haven't caught any yet. Caught, killed, whatever. I don't consider myself to be a violent person, but when it comes to creatures that try to live in my house and eat my food and possibly give me some terrible disease, I get this weird violent streak. I actually get angry about it. I'm super pissed that some nasty-ass mice decided to make my home and my food theirs. I want them gone. Now. And I don't care how. Except, I do, because I hate glue traps. As much as I hate mice, I hate the idea of them starving to death in my kitchen glued to a plastic tray. I don't like poison either, but only because they'll die in the house and Marley might eat them and poison himself. Now cockroaches? They can be glued and starved. I'm totally fine with that.

Josh and I decided that the best way to sleep knowing there are mice in our house is to have Marley sleep with us and protect us. Okay, I added in that second part--Josh doesn't need Marley as "protection," but I do. He can smell them and wants to get them, so we'll know if there's one in the room with us. I'm guessing Marley wants to eat them (I know, good guess since he already tried to eat a dead one), but we'll try to stop that from happening because who knows what those sick little creatures carry. Eww...

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Sleep late... dream more. said...

~sends sympathy~

my cat just caught a mouse and after much playing with the terrified thing, proceeded to eat it right next to me near the computer.
super ick :(
but i guess i'm glad that's 1 mouse fewer that's running around in my neighborhood :)