Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One skein wonder

Josh and I went to my friend Kevin's wedding this last weekend down in St. Louis. I decided to wear a black strapless dress, but wanted to find something for my shoulders. I grabbed a black shawl and figured that was that. Well, after packing I decided, somewhat randomly, to deconstruct a sweater I no longer wear. It's all cotton in a lovely shade of blue. After winding up all the balls, I thought, Hey!, I could make a shrug out of this! It was perfect because it was cotton. So I started looking for patterns and decided to make Glampyre's One Skein Wonder. I chose slightly larger needles than called for because I'm a tight knitter. It worked out great because the cotton became lighter, which would come in handy in St. Louis heat. Well, my goal was to finish it by the wedding, starting Thursday night--the wedding was Saturday. A little ambitious, yes. But I could have finished it in ordinary circumstances! Unfortunately, I brought it with me to a couple bars that night, completely having forgotten that St. Louis allows smoking in bars. I've been spoiled by Minneapolis & Madison (Yay!). Needless to say it was WAY to smelly to actually wear to the wedding. So I put it down.

As soon as I get home tonight, I am going to bind off, sew in loose ends, and it will be finished! So far I love it, but it remains to be seen how/if it will fit. Here it is pre-bind off.

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