Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No photos.

Yeah, I suck. Well, really my monitor sucks and I'm lazy.

I'm almost finished with my sweater. I just have to seam it up, pick up stitches around the neck and knit a simple rolled neck. It's rad. It's also enormous. But it's supposed to be. It is, after all, the Big Sack Sweater, from SnB.

We got some new yarn in at the LYS. Some nasty ass Trendsetter Aura (for felting projects, nothing more, but I'm sure someone will buy it to make an absolutely hideous scarf. Sorry, I hate novelty yarns. They make turf-looking knits, so they suck. Anyhow, the other yarn is a handpainted Misti Alpaca Worsted. Be-fucking-utiful. We're supposed to be getting some Malabrigo Chunky in soon too. I'm still waiting for the shop to start carrying some more handpainted sock yarn. I think this will happen soon, though.

So I'll try to post some pics soon. I got my second package from my most-amazing secret pal and must gloat and brag over the photos. Mmmm... Handspun llama... You're jealous already.

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knitting bandit said...

I love Malabrigo and have knit with it a lot. My LYS just got the chunky Malabrigo and it is so cool. I don't know what I'd knit with it so I haven't bought any YET. You'll like it. I agree with you about the sucky novelty yarns--they are such a waste a valuable shelf space and money my LYS could spend on something else! !