Friday, January 19, 2007

6 weird things about me

Another meme, because I'm too lazy to do anything else right now...

1) I'm deathly afraid of raccoons. When I was a kid I thought they were super cute and was not afraid, but when I was in college, a roommate and I were acosted by a gang of roaming raccoons. One was in the doorway to our house (the only way in) and snarled at us. We turned around and two more were climbing over the fence toward us. We ran across the street and looked back at our house only to see at least 12 more crawling on the roof! My husband thinks I'm loony for fearing them because "they're more afraid of [me] than I am of them." LIES!!! These raccoons were NOT afraid of me.

2) I have this thing with food. I'm a little protective of it. I get upset if Josh tries to take too many fries, or eats all of the cereal. And whenever I take the last of anything, I feel the need to apologize. Josh is constantly reminding me that, indeed, we can get more of whatever food it is, either at the restaurant or at the grocery store, but this never seems to occur to me. I think it's because I grew up with a few human vaccuums and so if I didn't either quickly eat or hide a particular treat (even if I purchased it), it would be gone and wouldn't necessarily make a comeback in our house. I think my parents purposely bought gross cereal and treats specifically so they would last longer.

3. I have a habit of making up words, and I always remember the words I've made up. Some of them are actually words made up by other family members, which have been passed on or around. Some of the words are shorter than the original english word, some are longer. There's really no rhyme or reason. I tend to restrain myself from using my own words with anyone but VERY close friends and family, lest they think there's something wrong with me.

4. I am fascinated with violent crime and serial killers. Not that I want to commit any of these crimes, but I have always wondered what made some folks turn out "normal" and others not so much. It's a big reason I became a public defender after law school. If I could, I'd probably watch Court TV and A&E all day. Alas, Josh cannot handle that much crime and violence.

5. I have a violent hatred of carroway seeds and anything that contains them. They taste like poison.

6. I seem to have a burning desire to read things out loud, like recipes, to my husband, or anyone else that is around. I seem to forget that not everybody has the same interests as me. I have annoyed many people by doing this, and no matter how much I try to stop, I just can't do it for very long. I feel compelled to share.


Astabeth said...

Yuck! I hate carroway seeds, too!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being the best SP9 pal! I love love LOVE the Lantern Moon needles and the sock book and the yarn, etc., etc! Lorelei has named her sheep 'Cheesy' and is carrying it around with her everywhere, the stickers have decorated one of her cups, and the bracelets are doing triple time as bracelets, sheep collars, and kitty collars.

I will be posting pics to my blog tomorrow.

Thank you so much! I had a great time and was overwhelmed by your generosity and creativity!


YourPal said...

Okay, other than the raccoons, that's me! I'm so weird about food too - moreso my own than anyone else's. And I spend a lot of my spare time reading books by medical examiners and forensic investigators, or watching shows like Cold Case Files. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Jen said...

Ben thinks it's weird that I like crime dramas/documentaries too. It kind of spooked him. HELLO!!! I'm was a psych major. hah. Of course I'm going to be interested in human disfunction.

Madison raccoons are vicious. We used to park behind that converted mansion on mansion hill that Steph lived in (bat cave). There was a gang of raccoons there than almost attacked Ben and I. They were frickin' huge too. I hear you on the raccoon fear. I like them from a far, but if I see one in the wild I get kind of freaked that they will bite me and I'll get rabies.