Friday, January 05, 2007

Current Projects

Josh's mittens

My Anemoi mittens

My Clapotis


YourPal said...

Nice!! Love the clapotis....and I want those Anemoi mittens more every time I see someone start them - the design is just TOO cool. Unfortunately, there's absolutely zeeeero reason for me to have mittens (January 5th, projected high for the day is 82 stinkin' degrees!) And sure I could knit them for someone else...but then I'd have to give them away! Yuck!

Patty (sp9 hostess) said...

Those mittens are gorgeous. I may have to challenge myself this year and make them!


Jen said...

Check this out -

You are on there. It's legit too because it's the state. I had this on my lj, but I knew you didn't have lj so I thought I'd post it here, but I couldn't resist to check it first. Check for other people too. I found money for you, steph, my two uncles, my best friends mom, and ben's uncle and cousin. I hope it's a lot. It's from INTERNATIONAL MASTERS PUBLISHERS INC Maybe it's an old paycheck.