Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beautious, beautious

I have begun a few more projects lately (note, I have not finished any lately...). My favorite is the Anemoi mittens from Eunny Jang.

Here they are so far (I started them yesterday):

I've also been working diligently on my Clapotis. Plus, I will soon be starting double mittens for Josh and a pair of pink Fetching for my brother (yes, I said brother--he specifically requested pink so "the guys at work will make fun of [him]). And I promised my friend Brien an elvis wig, so that needs to be started as well. Yay!


Guinifer said...

Those anemoi mitts are going to be knock em dead gorgeous!

Knittymama said...
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Knittymama said...

Okay, I can't type. I'll try again:

You and I are in the exact same spot! Love the colors you chose. What's the yarn?

Knittin' Kninja said...

Don't you just love them? The cream yarn is Rowan 4-Ply Soft and the variegated is Koigu. I work at the Yarnery, so I have access to lots of choices at all times. :)

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, your mittens are coming along so beautifully, they're going to be a real piece of art! Looking forward to seeing more of them!

Jodi said...

Those are going to be beautiful! I haven't seen anyone else use variegated yarn for the contrast color. Your version of Wavy looks great!

I'll have to check out the Yarnery next time I'm back home in the Twin Cities.