Monday, January 29, 2007

Image heavy!

So here's what I've finished lately... The first FO's of 2007... In order...

Josh's Yummy mittens

Josh's hat (with mittens)


Calorimetry (Josh is such a good sport!)

Shibori scarf (not really a knitting FO, since it's a felted sweater, but still...)

And in other news, here is an update on the Anemoi mittens,

and, Marley is adorable.

1 comment:

YourPal said...

Aw, I think Josh is great for being such a good and patient model. And lookit Marley - is he blogging?!

Are those double-layer mittens?? That's nuts! How cool!

(Psstt: you should have goodies by....Thursday? Wednesday if the USPS is extra-special, but the way I've been seeing things go, let's not count on it.)