Thursday, October 19, 2006


Joe Pesci and Yao Ming? Really?


YourPal said...

Oh God, I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry. God only knows what I would come up with if I put my photo in there. But you look much more like Jackie O. than Joe Pesci. (Oh, and Jackie O. just leapt out of her grave and demanded to know who thought it would be possible that someone could resemble her AND Joe Pesci.)

(Woody Harrelson is so adorable.)

YourPal said...


I got Shatner!!

(I put in three pictures - the most ridiculous one of me making some silly face came back with William Shatner. Awesome. It also came back with Meg Ryan - unfortunately for her.)

Thanks, now I'm going to spend my entire day uploading goofy photos on this thing and making fun of celebrities who look like me when I just woke up, I'm not wearing makeup, and I only have one eye open.