Friday, June 01, 2007

22 Weeks and a Garden

Okay, better late than never. Here are the 22 week photos, despite the fact I am now only 2 days away from the 23rd week.

I swear, I'm not a centaur. That's Marley horning in on my photo op. And a close-up...

The other thing that's been taking up a bit of my time lately is my garden. I don't have any photos of the veggie garden in the front yard yet, but here's the back porch so far:

Pretty! And the best part of my garden:

It was delicious.

Finally, here's the hat I've finished for my dad using my handspun alpaca. It's not all that pretty, but it sure is soft! I'll try to get a picture of him in it this weekend when he comes to visit.

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