Friday, June 15, 2007

R.I.P. Loomis 2004-2007

A few years ago, while I was public defendin' down in St. Louis, I bought a beta fish for my office. My co-workers and I named him Loomis. Loomis was a very angry beta. He would puff his gills out whenever you stuck your finger in his bowl, or stared at him too long, things we enjoyed doing. The only thing he seemed to love was a picture of Josh I kept by his bowl. He would stare at it for minutes at a time all day.

When I left St. Louis, I left Loomis, as well as the picture of Josh, with my former co-workers. I have received periodic updates on Loomis, most of which entailed tragedy and comedy--one which told the story of the day he randomly jumped out of his bowl and was found shortly afterward on the floor--but the saddest of all came today.


"It is a very sad day around here. We are sorry to have to tell you that Loomis has passed on. He was a great fish and office mascot. We have never heard of a betta lasting as long as Loomis did. He lasted about three years.

"I will never forget that time he tried to take his own life. It was a cry for help and we answered that cry. He was very happy until the very end. He did have some health problems in his last year but with constant care he came through it like a champ. Mostly thanks to Mickey.

"Other fish are treated like they don't have feelings, we knew Loomis better. We could tell when he was happy or sad or mostly MAD.

"Here is the drawing I did when he jumped out.

"We will miss our Loomis. Bob"

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