Sunday, June 10, 2007

24 Weeks & the Nursery So Far

I'm totally bigger. And I can really feel it. One night last week ke was kicking me quite a bit and Josh put his hand on my belly to feel the kick. The little guy kicked pretty hard and Josh actually whipped his hand away, looked at me very surprised and said, "that was hard!" I laughed and told him, I know, since I can feel it too. It was so funny and cute though how shocked Josh was by the distinct feeling of a kick. He'd felt him kick one other time, but it was pretty light.

I worked on the nursery this weekend. We bought a dresser/changing table at Ikea and some wall decals, so we wouldn't have to put a bunch of stuff on the walls. The decals come off easily, so they won't bother our landlord. I think they look awesome.

When the room is finished, I'll take some pics to post here. Right now, though, it's kind of a mess other than the crib area.


Guinifer said...

The nursery looks really cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to contact you about the Big Book of Knitting on the destash site. I didn't see an e mail link for you, so I'm trying this way. If you still have it, I want it please.

clumberknits said...

Ditto about trying to contact you ... I'd like to buy Knitting with Beads if it's still available. I will be out until tonight EST, but you can email me through this link:


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! this is amazing, and I don't mean the knitting, although that is fantastic too. All the info and the pictures and best of all - hearing your stories ( in your voice). I love the story about Josh and his sense of wonder with the big kick. Sounds like sweet pea is a soccer player or a chef they way he is wielding that knife. HBK