Monday, June 04, 2007

SP10 Flash Your Stash Contest.

Okay, this is quite embarassing, but here goes:

Side table full of yarn I don't plan on using any time soon, but not hated enough to go into storage boxes...

Recently purchased yarns and semi-finished projects

Odds and ends

Under the bed box of random yarn, which is kept under our futon

Sock yarns and a few random yarns

Sock yarn


Sock yarn and laceweight



Alpaca roving

Vintage camel, alpaca and cashmere given to me by a friend

One of my current projects in my project bag

Brand new yarn waiting to be put away

Not pictured: Two boxes in storage and two under the bed boxes which are under my bed and a pain to get out.

That is all. So far.

1 comment:

The Myers Family said...

I am sooooo jealous of your stash. For a moment I thought that your "roving" was your "bulky" and I tried to picture you knitting with it.